"Godspeed and Persevere"

I don't typically put my feelings out there but it's just not feasible to text in length or call back everyone who has reached out this past week.

This week has easily been one of the most challenging weeks of my life. With that said, everyone who has reached out (you know who you are) I appreciate the condolences of both my father-in-law and the unexpected death of a dear friend.

We've said our final good bye to my father in law and know he's in a better state than what he was here. It's a hard reality to accept but will get to carry his memories on through our children and as a family.

In two days, we have to say our final good-bye to one of the greatest people I've been blessed to have in my life.

Reese - this is going to be tough, buddy. My mind keeps replaying memory after memory going back to junior high. I'll struggle to understand why this happened until I join you in the afterlife; maybe then you can educate me on why. Your friendship was authentic, ambitious, unique and always entertaining. It's been fun scrolling through some pictures over the past few years while jamming the Stones and Velvet Underground. I'll have to find the pictures from the years when we had even better "explorations" and jam sessions with your band at the "White House" - we'll reserve those to share offline, ha 😉. Despite what I thought was steady progress nearly two weeks ago when you were getting settled into aftercare, I told you I loved you. There's a lot of comfort in knowing your last words to me at that time was "I love you too, brother."

Jim, you're a special man and my friend was lucky to have a "Faja" who stuck by his side since his incident back in September the way you have. The thing I realized most out of all of this, is that I want my boys to love me the way Reese loves you. Reese's army of friends are here for you should you need anything at all.
"Godspeed and Persevere" 


Memory from Jonathan Clark